Saturday Mornings

It is going to be hard when I go back to work next month to give up my daily routine of holding my baby girl . I think I will be living for each week and the Saturday morning cuddles! We’re having a marvelous start to this weekend curled up and under a quilt watching our new Disney movie Frozen.

We had such fun yesterday too when we got to visit with Aunt Elizabeth and her friend Kimmie. They were just the start of our Friday fun when our good friends the Lashleys stopped by (and brought dinner!). It was the first time Mackenzie met her friend Elizabeth Lashley, who was born just two days after Mackenzie. I think there will be many more nights or afternoons of hanging with our friends and our new little girls.

Now the question is, what will we do with the rest of our weekend? First we will finish our perfect Saturday morning start of a Disney movie and cuddle time with some delicious breakfast. And mom will imagine the fun we will have someday visiting Disneyland or Disney World. But I suppose the rest of the weekend cannot be spent imagining the fun we will have someday. Surely the Thompson family will have a wonderful adventure of our own this weekend.


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