Goal – Leaving the house everyday

In my fifth week of maternity leave I made a goal to get out of the house every day. I actually managed to pull that off this week! I’m hoping it will help me get used to getting up and ready with a newborn when I have to go back to work in a couple of weeks.

Eight kids for our North Branch play date.
Lots of fun!

Monday of week five Mackenzie and I had lunch with some former coworkers. It was a delightful burger and malt outing for me and a great chance for Mackenzie to be passed back and forth from Jackie to Nicole. After that adventure we headed home just in time for Aunt Linda to come over and and get in her weekly snuggle time with her niece.

Tuesday’s outing was Mackenzie’s one-month doctor appointment and some errands near the doctor’s office. My goodness is she growing! She weighed in at 8 pounds 1 ounce at the doctors office.

Wednesday we headed to North Branch to the home of Betty and Dave Ambers who are the parents of my college roommate and good friend Kelli. There we met Kelli and another college roommate Brooke and Kelli’s kids Wyatt and Alton and Brooke’s kids Jacob, Emily and Adalynn. Kelli’s sister Casey also stopped in at lunchtime, so with her kids Lauren and Owen in the count, Mackenzie made eight kids total for our play date and lunch. It was a blast to get together and have such a wonderful lunch. Thanks Betty and Dave for the lunch and the central meeting place for all the fun!

Thursdays outing for me was also the first babysitting for Mackenzie because Grandma Aileen came to hang out while I went to a Jaycees networking event where I worked to introduce college-aged students to the organization.

Friday, Mackenzie and I went out for lunch with Grandma Anne at her work. It was such a blast going into Knitting (Anne’s workplace) because I worked there during college. It was great to catch up with Betsy and Bob during lunch. From there we stopped by my former work to introduce Mackenzie to the folks I used to work with.

MG_0205Saturday the whole family (except Zaley) drove down to Bricelyn to visit with Chris’ family. His parents Kenny and Gloria live down there. Chris’ twin sister Angie, her husband Matt and their son Henry met us there too. Mackenzie did a good job traveling and slept for most of the two-hour drive. We had a great time looking at baby pictures of Chris and visiting over lunch in town at the local cafe (Bud’s). We made the trek home shortly after lunchtime so we could meet-up with Colby and his wife Kari who are longtime friends of Chris.

Sunday, while Chris went to a training for his new club, Mackenzie and I headed to Macy’s in Minneapolis for our seventh-day-in-a-row outing. There we met Lisa and Hayley for our annual trip to the Macy’s flower show. Such a fun girls day out tradition Lisa, Hayley and I started last year; it was wonderful to have Mackenzie with for the photo opportunities this year.

So success in getting out of the house each and every day! Looking forward to the many adventures that the next week will bring.

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