Volunteering Success

Sara meets Mackenzie on her way to one of the parts of the Best 100 event.

Last summer, before I was pregnant with Mackenzie, I was asked to be the 2014 president of the Saint Paul Jaycees — a local community service organization for young professionals. I told Chris I would accept the position, but it wasn’t going to stop the fact that I wanted to add to our family with a baby. Little did I know I would be a volunteering new mom in 2014.

The first weekend of multiple days of Saint Paul Jaycees events for me as president and as a new parent just occurred. Well technically, it is the second weekend. I missed the first round of events at the beginning of March due to Mackenzie’s early arrival. Thank goodness for an amazing friend and fellow volunteer, Sara, who was the chair of the biggest community project the chapter runs all year, The Les Farrington Best 100 Juried Art Show. I didn’t have to worry about that weekend’s event because of the great work of Sara and the many other volunteers.

This past weekend the events included our first fundraiser of the year and a community project on Saturday. The Spring Wine Tasting that occurred on Friday night was a great success! The co-chairs of the event and my fundraising team did an amazing job getting the event up and running without issue. The other event on Saturday was one that brought our volunteers out to help an organization called Ever After Gowns which helps get prom dresses to disadvantaged high school and some special needs girls. That event was chaired by a new member and the day was so rewarding. What a success both events turned out to be! I am lucky to know and be the president of a nonprofit that has such wonderful volunteers.

All clean after a bath!

 I am so incredibly blessed at home as well! Chris and Mackenzie got in some bonding time while I was out being a volunteer. Plus I had a bachelorette party for my sister Elizabeth to attend Saturday night so Chris really had a weekend of being an amazing Dad! He even let me sleep in on Sunday! The picture to the right is the one I received Friday night from Chris declaring all clean after bath time! What an amazing husband I have to allow me to be both a volunteer and new mom. It wouldn’t be possible without his support!!!

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