Two Months In … New Shoes Required

Mackenzie 2 months
Two months old
Mackenzie newborn
Nine days old

Wow, time flies!

Mackenzie is two months old this week! These photos show her at nine days old and at two months (the stuffed monkey stayed the same size).

About this time, many new moms are thinking about purchasing some new clothes to wear when heading back to work. Well, not this new mom. I am content to be back in my pre-pregnancy clothes and excited to say I have even organized my closet (yes, I am slightly obsessive in my love of organization).

The new collection I am more concerned with is my shoe collection.

My current shoe library has pairs dating back to high school. But because of an odd but common quirk of pregnancy, my feet changed size, so now I’m forced to buy some cute new shoes! Mackenzie and I had the pleasure of meeting up with my little sister Elizabeth (who gets married in a little more than a week) to look for some new shoes for me to wear to her wedding.

The most recent addition to my new shoe collection.

Little did I know I would come home with three pairs. No justification needed, but one can always use a pair of cute black sandals. And why not a brown pair too? However, I knew I was in trouble when I walked past a pair of my favorite brand and they were yellow!

Out with the old …

Since so many pairs of my shoes no longer fit, it is a good thing I have a plan for what I am going to do with them all so they go toward a good cause. In my last volunteer event before Mackenzie arrived, the Saint Paul Jaycees helped with the Minnesota Miss Amazing pageant. I had an awesome time helping out in early February with that organization and the pageant day. One neat thing that the Minnesota Miss Amazing group does is raise money by collecting and recycling old shoes. So I hope, since I have a bag of wonderful shoes that no longer fit me, and a great volunteer organization, to encourage a shoe roundup from everyone attending an upcoming Jaycees social gathering. I’m also thinking this would be a good lead-up and promotion for Meals on Heels, one of the Jaycees summer events.

So check your closets for old shoes suitable for recycling, and I’m off to enjoy my new purchases!

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