Bacon and a New Picnic Table

Our new picnic table and umbrella.
Our new picnic table and umbrella.

The excitement in the Thompson household this week is a new picnic table that Chris finished and assembled. And of course the bacon that we ate… We are fans of bacon in this household! So much so that I even have a shirt bought on our honeymoon from a South Carolina Piggly Wiggly that reads “I’m Big on the Pig!”

Al fresco

Chris and his family spent a lot of time at their picnic table while he was growing up. So he went out and found a deal on one for our backyard so Mackenzie could have the same fun. I am looking forward to many evenings sitting around the picnic table as she grows and the family fun we will have together at our very own yellow picnic table. (I requested that Chris paint the table yellow since it is my favorite color.)

The bacon weave.
The bacon weave.

The first meal that was prepared on the smoker, while some time was spent sitting on the new piece of furniture, was a stuffed, bacon-wrapped meatloaf affectionately named a “fattie” by its creators (kind of like this one, although ours was stuffed with mushrooms, cheese and spinach and made with a mix of ground beef and sausage). Mackenzie helped Mom put the bacon weave together that covers the rolled up deliciousness! And we did have a salad on the side so there was some healthy portion to dinner

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