First Mother’s Day

Mom and mackenzie
Mom and Mackenzie

So It finally arrived.  A day that always reminds me of the very special women in my life.  I’ve spent decades wishing all those women a happy Mother’s Day. In fact 34 years of wishing it to my very own mother, Aileen, and my grandmothers Norma and Marge too; 24 years of saying it to my stepmother Anne; at least 11 years of saying happy Mother’s Day to my girlfriends. Plus for 2 years I have also gotten to thank my mother-in-law Gloria for an amazing son and now my awesome husband. There are some amazing women in my life that are mothers, and now for the first time, I was also a mother to my adorable little girl Mackenzie! The day could not have been more wonderful. I drove more than 3 hours to make sure I was home from my Jaycees convention so I could celebrate my first-ever Mother’s Day with my little girl. I made it home with maybe 30 minutes to spare late Saturday night and got to start the special day by staring over the crib rails at Mackenzie. I really wanted to just pick her up and snuggle her but she was sleeping so soundly. So I waited to do some cuddles with her until she woke me up at 4:30 a.m. Apparently I slept through my first opportunity as Chris had gotten up with her at 1 a.m. I put her back in her crib after her early morning bottle and proceeded to go back to sleep myself. When she next woke, Chris kindly let me continue to sleep in a bit for the day! When I awoke for the day I was able to enjoy some beautiful flowers and a card from Chris and Mackenzie. It also included a homemade breakfast that featured a lovely bloody Mary smorgasbord!

Bloody Mary bar!
Bloody Mary bar!

Chris took the dog for a long walk in the late morning hours while Mackenzie and I proceeded to lounge together on the couch. A nap was a necessity since the long drive and time spent away from Mackenzie and Chris had worn me out. We had a wonderful day spent at home together with lots of cuddles and snuggles to make up for the ones I missed while I was at the Jaycees convention. So lucky to be Mackenzie’s mother on this my first Mother’s Day.

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