More than halfway there in 2014

Tiny Mackenzie the day she came home with us!

Looking back and realizing more than half of the year is over is crazy. So much has changed since January 1st but the biggest and best thing to happen to my life is becoming a mother!

I cannot say enough about how much happiness Mackenzie brings to my life! This little girl is adorable she makes the long days not so long and every smile melts my heart! I am so lucky to be her mother and to have such a wonderful little baby girl!

Mackenzie makes me smile!

3 thoughts on “More than halfway there in 2014

  1. I have never seen a baby smile so much. And her smiles come from her heart and reach her eyes. She shows pure happiness when she smiles. It is truly amazing. She isn’t laughing, she is telling you she loves you with her smile. I just can’t quite say it right….it is like she is putting all her love for you in her smile. I stare at her pictures and just soak her up. She makes me happy.


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