“Just The Way You Are” Speech

Presenting at the St. Paul Jaycees Railroad Social.

There was a big night in my volunteer life this week:  I got to get up in front of a crowd of people and give a speech. Thanks to my amazing husband, the speech was edited down to a correctly sized version that was just the right length for use in front of a crowd.

The text of the speech follows:

It was not quite two weeks ago when I felt I needed a mojo boost. To accomplish that I walked in a Relay for life event with a friend who is currently fighting breast cancer.  Unfortunately as the luminary ceremony was about to being the weather turned and it began to downpour on the relay. Once the rain finished I emerged from a tent to see the luminaries all tipped over and soggy. The race was on to get them back up and lit for all the walkers at the event. I did leave at that point so I could take my baby home to bed… the volunteer in me REALLY wanted to stay and help to see the candles upright and lit for the ceremony.

While driving home I heard a song by Bruno Mars called “Just the Way you Are”. The lyric catching my attention was a part of the chorus “Cause you’re amazing (amazing) Just the way you are” I was struck by how true that is in so many ways in my life right now. Not only am I in the middle of an Amazing year but I am surrounded by AMAZING people and it is all AMAZING JUST THE WAY it is working out with 7 months of the year down and 5 to go!

Past presidents of the Saint Paul Jaycees.

As President of the Jaycees this year I have seen some amazing projects come together. I have seen some outstanding leadership skills built from a team of excellent people that are right here in this room with me. We have completed more than 50 meetings and events in seven months. This is all due to the amazing people that help pull all of these things together. 

My three goals at the beginning of this year were to ONE grow our organization TWO kick off the strategic series of events for our chapter and THREE have fun! We are accomplishing all three thanks to some Amazing people! The chapter has seen growth in 3 months of this year. Two of those months of growth have come since our May Saint Paul 360 Series of events kickoff right here at Summit Brewery and WE are having so much fun along the way!

And to get back to the relay for life story I started with my friend and her amazing team walked over 120 miles together. And the event succeeded in having a luminary ceremony despite the downpour. Wow, that is amazing and very reminiscent of the work as a chapter that we have done since January. I am proud and happy to be the 88th president of this organization and I cannot wait to see who will be  No. 89 when its revealed tonight.  

And if you’re in the mood for some music, here’s the video for “Just the Way You Are” from Bruno Mars.

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