Birthday Party Fun

hat_smallMackenzie decided a year ago to show up the day after Dad’s birthday. So rather than have a party for Mackenzie on her Daddy’s birthday we backed up the party a week. We had lots of family and friends gather to help us celebrate Mackenzie turning one. It is so hard to believe she has a birthday tomorrow. She was lucky to have a beautiful cake to get into made by my friend Sara. The carrot cake cupcakes we all enjoyed were a ton of fun as well extremely delicious. Mackenzie was a lucky little girl on her birthday with lots of amazing gifts! Enjoy the photos taken at her party here.

We are so blessed to have Mackenzie in our lives; we are lucky to be her parents. She has made this last year so much fun! I cannot wait to see the adventures we will have in the years to come.

One thought on “Birthday Party Fun

  1. i am blessed to have met Kate 15 years ago in Scotland on the day of my birthday. Fourteen years later she gave birthday to a little girl who has the most beautiful smile. Her name is Mackenzie, the same as my daughter, she was also born on the same day as my son. My husband was Kate’s professor while we were in Scotland. I would say we were meant to know and love Kate since we share more than friendship!! Happy Bithday, Mackenzie! We love you Kate!!


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