Year of Housing Transations

2015 Home Collage





This year has seen a major slow down in posts. I would like to say it was for lots of good reasons, I will just chalk it up to us selling two homes and purchasing a new one. Each buying separate houses less than 6 months before we met has meant we had two homes for the length of our relationship and marriage and family.


We were buried in paint cans and fixes this year for both properties we sold. I don’t really want to have to look at a paint brush for more than a small project again for quite some time. Thank goodness for our family and friends who helped us throughout this year as we painted, packed and moved and did some more painting and staging. Not to mention the bathroom remodel that got done, and add in a water heater, water softener, and two different houses of radon systems too… Chris and I are not going into the house-flipping business.


However if you need a real estate agent the woman who helped us is for sure the one I would refer to you. Rachel was patient and knowledgeable and really helpful as we worked through all 3 transactions in 2015! Wahoo for them all being done in one year… and now I am going to just stay put in my new home and enjoy doing some blogging again.