Christmas in July


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Four years ago my Shannon family Christmas was shaken up a bit when we decided a weekend away together with time spent as a family was a better choice for us than trading gifts. The next two years we traveled to Duluth shortly after Christmas where we stayed downtown. If you aren’t skiing, Duluth in the winter leaves a little to be desired. Last year,  the first year Mackenzie joined us up North, we changed it up and made it a Christmas in July celebration.

Our fourth annual Christmas gift weekend back a month ago was a wonderful trip at a new location. We stayed in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage at Cove Point Lodge in Beaver Bay. The weekend was delightful and family filled. Swimming, hiking, eating, games and just spending time reconnecting as a family. The extended weekend was exactly what I needed.

Mackenzie had a blast getting to see her Boppa Dave, Grandma Anne, Auntie Smoosh and Uncle Jayme. She also got time with just Mom and Dad on Friday on the way to our destination when we stopped in Duluth for lunch and a trip to the Great Lakes Aquarium. Mackenzie really enjoyed the slides and looking at the fish as well as making sure we followed her from exhibit to exhibit, as one of her favorite new phrases is “Follow me!”

Gooseberry Falls State Park was a part of the fun as well. Hiking along the falls and enjoying my child at a place that I spent many childhood days at with family was incredibly relaxing, too, even if it was a bit crowded and involved a sweaty walk. But the warm afternoon made the ice cream treats from the park’s visitor center even more enjoyable.

I’m ready for next year’s trip already as I had so much fun on this family adventure!


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