New Halloween Traditions

Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays for years. I spent a majority of the last 13 years spending Halloween with my longtime friend Lisa and her kids.The past two years I even brought Mackenzie along for the fun. This year, because Mackenzie is getting old enough to understand trick or treating, marked a time to start new traditions. I wanted to find a way to celebrate this fun holiday with her and Chris in our home.

This year I broke with tradition of chili and trick-or-treating with Lisa and her kids to start our own traditions — which even included a hand-knit pumpkin hat I was able to wear for a bit. Thanks Grandma Aileen for the awesome hat. Even Zaley took part in the fun with a pink cowboy hat, although I am not sure she was amused by our antics.

My sister Linda (Auntie Smoosh) and her husband Jayme joined us for dinner and watching Mackenzie hand out teal-pumpkin tricks to the kids in our neighborhood. We only had nine trick-or-treaters but they were very cute.

We also displayed Mackenzie’s adorable pumpkin costume via an online chat with Grandma and Grandpa Shannon who were in Michigan for the week.

In the end it was a great time and Mackenzie learned how fun it was to play trick or treat; she asked for the next few nights if we could play trick or treat again. I am glad we started our own new traditions.

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