Forward Steps

I’m very much looking forward to the milestones to come on this journey of walking more. I’ve already reached a couple milestones since I started tracking my walks July 26, 2016.

In July, during a particularly difficult month in my life, I started tracking my steps and I am proud to say I just made it to 1 million! I am also down in weight; that number isn’t nearly as large, but I am still happy to be heading in the right direction. I don’t reach my steps goal everyday but I certainly do make it more than I would have because I now try to take the long way or add a flight or two of stairs to my day.


I am thankful for the forward momentum that has helped me during my steps journey. I will certainly enjoy the walks in the future that add more to my total. These steps are great positive ones that will continue to benefit my health. Is anyone up for a walk so I can work on my next million steps?