Boppa Kenny

As we face a new first day Boppa Kenny’s birthday I want to reflect a few moments on the profound ways this man impacted my life. He was a fabulous Boppa Kenny to our little girl, Father-in-law to me, and Dad to my husband Chris.

Kenny was a kind quiet man I met in February 2010 at an Applebee’s in Albert Lea, MN. We had a very nice lunch and then followed up our meal with a trek to the Diamond Joe’s casino in Iowa. Kenny was good at winning it seemed to me. He certainly won me over in that first day I met him.

On the day Kenny met his Granddaughter Mackenzie again, I was shown what a gentle guy was part of our lives. When he first held our little girl in his arms I realized what a lucky girl she was to get to have such an amazing man in her life as her Boppa as we would come to call him once she was talking.

I am sure glad Kenny was my husband Chris’ father! He helped raise a fantastic man even if I might be a bit baised. One of my favorite memories about the two of them is back in July of 2010 at Woman Lake Lodge for my first family vacation with them. The two of them were sitting outside the cabin on the picnic table, while I was out sitting on a bench on the dock I looked back at the two of them. I cannot tell you what was said but the ease and comfort they had together while peacefully looking out at the lake was wonderful. I am sure there are many moments that I still have yet to hear about that are part of the awesome history the two of them had over the years.

Kenny is missed and surely is celebrating in heaven for his 76th birthday.