Volunteering with MN Miss Amazing

Volunteering is a passion of mine and it has been for a long time. I very much enjoy giving back and I know I learned this passion from seeing my parents volunteer when I was a child. I am so excited that Mackenzie got to see me in action April 1st at the 5th MN Miss Amazing pageant.

This organization is still new here in Minnesota but it has grown every year and I am so proud of the state director Jordan Crosser Buckellew that runs this awesome nonprofit! This year the program had 35 participants. The day was so rewarding to see girls and women grow in confidence. On hand for the day there were a ton of amazing volunteers that helped make the day run smoothly!

I saw friends that came to help out with ensuring the day was awesome by volunteering with me. Plus I got to my highest steps count ever day with my tracking device rolling over 20,000 steps that day. I may have rewarded myself with a really yummy beer, burger and tots followed up by a brownie ice cream dessert with a friend at the end of the day.

Thanks friends and family that helped support me in this day of volunteering. Thank you also to my Good Looking Hubby for bringing Mackenzie out to see the program and spending all day with her so I could spend the day with MN Miss Amazing. It is for sure one of my favorite days of the year and I’m looking forward to next year’s event already.

Photos from the event:

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