Four Generations Volunteering Together

2017 is the 27th year of my involvement in a volunteer cause that makes me smile. The event is part of a larger collection of bringing holiday joy to families with less this season. I really love the event because it brings four generations of my family together. My grandma Marge, my mother Aileen, myself and my daughter Mackenzie helped with this year’s annual family day of volunteering. There were also other happy elves that made the day merry and bright.



My mother and co-worker, Sandy, brought a family adoption program for the holidays into their workplace in 1990. Many years — and so many rolls of wrapping paper — later we are still doing this day of shopping, wrapping and giving gifts to families in need. Now I work for the same company and volunteer directly with the committee that “adopted” more than 250 people in 2017.

Recently, a group of volunteers shopped, wrapped and corralled gifts for over 50 people. We collected money from donations and did the shopping and wrapping. I’m so glad to have been a happy, shopping and wrapping elf for nearly three decades! Teaching Mackenzie about this fun has been going on for a couple years now too! Last year she assisted my sisters by sitting on boxes to help keep them shut before tape was applied. This year Mackenzie was sent to find a missing gift from the shopping excursion; it kept her and the other two kiddos amused for quite a while while the adults wrapped gifts.

I’m happy I was raised by wonderful people that taught me to give back to others. Volunteering is part of who I am and I hope someday it will be something my daughter loves too.

Thanks Grandma Cannon and Mom for making this year a great time again! Also thanks to the other happy elves that made this year possible!

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