Kindness in 2018

Since the month of January is coming close to the end I figure I may as well throw my word of the year out there into the universe:  KINDNESS!


That is a fun word . How do you make it part of your everyday life?

Well for me I am journaling more — Kindness to myself and working on my goal of writing more this year… I love starting my day in my happy place, or the attic room, as my daughter refers to it. I am working very hard this year on being kind to myself; it is not an easy thing to do as I would say I am often very hard on myself for things that have occurred in my life. I tend to remind myself of the mistakes I make frequently and they run through my head at unreasonable hours of the morning. They say we are our own worst critics; I would agree with this one! I am working on it though and reminding myself that forgiveness for oneself is really important. Wish me luck on my journey of kindness to myself and the continuing of my writing in the early morning hours.

Random acts of kindness

The other way I am working on kindness this year is random acts of kindness… ensuring that I find volunteer opportunities to give back to my community and myself. The time I spend volunteering for causes that I am passionate about really does more good for me as I am able to help others and that feeling is unparalled. I have some great causes and friends and family that have made this kindness easy to take on this year. I had 3 different volunteer meetings or events just in January. I am so looking forward to the fun and good that comes from volunteering in 2018. If you want to join me in any of these events just ask!


Sharing kindness is the third part of 2018 I am hoping to impart on the year. I ask my daughter Mackenzie questions when she first wakes up in the morning… What are you grateful for today? What makes you happy today? New this year is the following: What can you do to be kind today? I hope that you are able to find kindness and share it with others this year.

Thanks for reading my thoughts on kindness intentions for this year! I am sure it will be a fun ride to get through the year!