New Chapters

Ever start a book and put it down as you were not sure you would like the next chapter? How about the book slipping down next to you because it is so good you fell asleep reading it?

Well for me both of those things have happened, but I am so happy to say the next chapter of the story of my life is going really well. There is no need to put the book down. I am so enjoying learning new things in my new job. The atmosphere there is pretty incredible too. The CEO has been at the company for a year now and placed spring flowers around the place as a thank you to the employees for making his first year great along with a very nice email. Last week he made good on an earlier bet and dressed as Lady Gaga and served cake to the employees. This week at work is foundation week. The fact that we can do our day jobs and raise money for a good cause is right up my alley. This week the company is raising money for the benefit of those that will need help with the gift of hearing aids. What does that mean… Well to start each day of the spirit week has a theme to be dressed up for a small fee.  Monday I got to wear my favorite colors together blue and gold. Yesterday was dress for your favorite decade so I put on a fun black and white polka dot dress… Didn’t pull off the pin up curls from the fifties but there were some fun outfits around the office. barleyToday is wear your favorite jersey to work… MN Twins shirt check… Tomorrow is wear your favorite concert shirt, and Friday is May the Forth so Star Wars themed of course. Yesterday and today there is an online auction for some amazing things, you better believe I am bidding away on a few of them. Plus there are puppies in the office this week, one of the ways the foundation is raising money is by raffling off two spots each day for dogs to come to work. Yep, this giant full ball was there on Monday. Yesterday Lucy sat kiddie corner from me and wandered over a few times to greet me and lay her head on my leg, I forgot to snap a picture of her adorable self as I was busy working when she wandered over to say hello.  This new chapter is going to be great, no need to set the book down I am more than likely rushing into it and not able to set the book down.

Yep the other fun that has been happening lately is falling asleep with my book… Last night for example I woke up around 1am confused about what was stuck in my side… Oh yeah the good book that I fell asleep reading. I am so happy to be plowing through books again. I have finished two really good ones lately, thanks to my friend Nancy for the recommendation of author Allen Eskins… Yep, book three is going along really well so well I fell asleep as I was reading it last night. I so want to know what comes next… Not sure what I will do when I finish his fourth book as book five doesn’t come out until this fall… Maybe I should pick up one of the many on my shelf that I have to get through.

I do know that my new life chapter is going to go really well. The books I find along the journey to read next are also going to make me smile. As reading is one of my favorite ways to pass the time. Enjoy the chapters of your life and of the books you pick up to read; I know I certainly am going to do so.