#100happydays 2015 challenge flashbacks

I had someone challenge me in 2015 to 100 days, one picture a day post. It was one of the coolest things I have been challenged to do. This year I have been enjoying it again through the flashback method of checking in daily to see what was my happy moment each one of those days. The flashbacks will again end on August 27th as that marked the day after we closed on our home in 2015 and the final post was a picture of the sold sign in front of our new home. I am debating whether or not to start this challenge again as I so enjoy trying to start my day on a positive note and snapping a picture a day was a fun way to find good in the beginning of my day. I am also thinking it would be great fun to figure out how to capture all of the 2015 days in a gallery or album or scrapbook that will likely be a work in progress for a while as I so haven’t done any picture printing in what feels like forever. Any ideas on how to retrieve the 2015 photos from the challenge and gather them into an album or scrapbook?

When I asked Chris his thoughts on starting it up again he suggested a once a week post for 52 weeks of happiness challenge. I really liked that idea and I am hoping I can work towards that pattern as once a week for 52 weeks might be a really cool new challenge that will help me to keep the happy going all year round. Any thoughts as to what my hashtag should be for that new challenge I am contemplating? Thanks for your input on how to enjoy flashback memories while I enjoy new ones being made each and everyday.