10 Blogs in 10 Days – A New Challenge

Can I do it – can I take on this challenge and get 10 blogs posted in 10 days time? What will I say for 10 days that will amuse you or at least get you to read the blog posts? I last wrote about trying to find a new challenge for myself… could I take on a weekly happy post or should I try for 100 more happy days… with no responses to that post I figure I am just writing for myself and that is an okay thing too. So here goes the start of 10 days of blogging… wish me luck as I work to stretch my writing muscles…

I’m awake way too early as per the norm of my life… I have decided I must just be normal as I find lots of friends posting online when I wake up in the middle of what should be time to sleep. I’m glad I am not alone when I wake up as I find my friends online and work to comment and not misspell anything with my early morning thoughts. Sometimes I succeed on that no misspelled words and sometimes auto correct takes over and thinks it is smarter than I am at 4 in the morning.

Today I am planning a low key movie binge watching day… hopefully that helps kick this awful summer cold I have been fighting all week to the curb. The bummer is I shared this miserable cold with my good looking hubby. So if you need anything you will find us hibernating today… too bad too as we had fun plans for a visit to the farm today. I so love starting and ending the summer with a visit to the farm and seeing our family there. We will still get down there just not likely this weekend. I would hate to get my sister-in-law Angie, the school nurse sick before she goes back for the school year this next week. I am bummed but I know we will see them again hopefully really soon!

One more thought for you… I am planning a family giving back birthday brunch this year… What sort of fun should be on the menu for the birthday bash in your opinion? Can you come up with stuff that all starts with the letter B? Yep, more details on this fun in the week to come but for now wish me luck on enjoying my first movie of the day… Wonder Woman! I love this one and it felt fitting to start September off with a movie that makes me smile…

Have a great weekend and enjoy those you love give them extra hugs. Well maybe we can wait to give hugs out here from this household as we would hate to share this cold further! We need to be better by next weekend so we can take on the birthday brunch giving back fun! Enjoy your extra day this weekend if you are lucky enough to have Monday off. If not enjoy some small moments of happy while working hard over this labor day weekend.

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