Cousins – one of the good parts of life

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Yesterday on the way home from school Mackenzie asked me how many cousins I had. I am so lucky to tell her I have lots of them. I asked her if she could count to more than 30… I know she can so she proceeded to count that high. She then told me she has three of them and they are all boys… Henry, Charlie and Paxton are her cousins. She is going to have so much fun with those cousins over the years.

I am so grateful for the bunches of them I have… in fact I was texting with one of the awesome boy cousins I was blessed with late last night when I should have been sleeping. He and I compared notes and decided we had a lot of life left and lots of fun to still be had in the years to come. Grandma is 91 and living in her own home and she may start needing more help as she discovers things like a tree branch that is falling down… Good thing she has awesome kids that helped her yesterday with that discovery. My cousin and I think that we are part of what is keeping her young. So on to planning the next gathering at Grandma’s house… every time we gather at Grandma’s house I enjoy the time with my cousins and now their kiddos. Whether is is cookie making, baby doll clothes washing or egg dying we have tons of fun at Grandma Cannon’s. I think it might be time to gather the cousins up and plan a visit to Grandma’s house to entertain her and ourselves.

Thanks to all my many cousins for being a part of the good stuff in life! Hug the ones you love especially your cousins the next time you gather and laugh together… or even if you are laughing together over a few text messages.

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