Date a volunteer she said

Date a volunteer my mom said… well that’s what happened (even if I don’t always love admitting Mom was right).

My husband, Chris, and I met online. I gave him a chance because his online profile said he volunteered with a group of friends. Little did I know that those friends would soon become my friends too.

Those Saint Paul Jaycees friends and fellow volunteers have become great friends of mine in the years since I joined the chapter. It is has been 8 years now as I joined in the fall of 2010. There are also a number of them that have become mentors to me in my leadership journey. A few years into volunteering with the Saint Paul Jaycees they asked me to be their President. At that time in my life when I agreed to become President of the chapter I was also seeking a new job and Chris and I were hoping for our first kid. In late June 2013 I became President select of the Saint Paul Jaycees and in July I found out I was pregnant with our kiddo. In September 2013 I accepted a new job. I remember one of my sisters saying “sure, go ahead agree to being President; maybe you’ll get pregnant and find a new job too.” Well she was right on all those accounts, it is nice when your sister can be right sometimes too.

Volunteering has led to many good things in my life. As the leader of the Saint Paul Jaycees in February of 2014 I attended my first MN Miss Amazing event that the Jaycees chapter helped sponsor. That year the event was held at a high school really near where I grew up. The event turned out to be the last one I attended as a volunteering President and pregnant lady because my kiddo Mackenzie arrived early shortly after the 2014 MN Miss Amazing event. Volunteering leads to good things…

Both a kid and a connection to a new organization are part of the fun from 2014 that makes me smile to remember. I’m now a past President of the Saint Paul Jaycees & I’m proud of the 2014 year that I took on many new things, new leadership role, new job, new mom. That year led me to MN Miss Amazing an organization that I look forward to supporting for years to come & teaching my daughter about it too. My ask to you is volunteer you never know what it will lead you to in the future. Me I landed the best husband out of my choice to date a volunteer. Thanks Mom for the advice to date a volunteer. Thanks sis for telling me to go for it and sign up to lead an awesome organization of volunteers. Hopefully someday I can offer the same sound advice to Mackenzie as it will surely lead her to good things too!