Volunteering Passion This Week’s Project

I have been told I have a passion for volunteering by a few people. This week it was my Dad that said it to me. He is helping me with my volunteering passion by watching my kiddo during this latest adventure. Yep, I have family helping me all around with this week’s volunteering event. Mom showed up at the Wholesale store and helped me figure out the massive quantities needed to feed 70 people tomorrow morning… Yep, we decided on 120 eggs… That sounds like a lot doesn’t it! I am looking forward to having my family help tomorrow with all the supplies that I have gathered for feeding this many people. Emails have been sent to my family to make sure they know when and where to show up for tomorrow.

Back in February my sister Taylor organized a group of us to go to the Ronald McDonald Homes in the Minneapolis Children’s hospital. I had no idea how much work she put into this event until I decided I should do it too. This week has been full of getting ready for the event I planned for my birthday brunch. I have family helping with my kiddo, I have a bunch of family coming tomorrow to help me make brunch for 70 or so at the Ronald McDonald home. We have 2 hours to make and prep all the food for the event and then we serve the families staying there.

Mackenzie helped me last night get the Birthday Bags filled with a Balloon, Bubbles and a Ball so the families at Ronald McDonald can help me celebrate my birthday. The Blue plates, cups and napkins have been purchased. The menu has been set – Breakfast Burritos with all the fixings, Berries and Grapes, Broccoli Salad, and Brownies with vanilla ice cream. If you didn’t notice I decided that the birthday brunch would be brought to you by the letter B.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing this passion of mine come to life with tomorrow’s event. The family surrounding me will make it that much sweeter. Hug the ones you love and live out your passions.

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