September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that September is a month of educating and teaching… no not in the normal format of everyone goes back to school in September education. The month is dedicated to going gold for Childhood Cancer. Have you ever had to face something so heart wrenching as helping a family member through cancer? Have you ever had it be a small person in your life?

I have not had childhood cancer nor does my child,  but it sure gets me all misty eyed and wanting to cry when I think of all the parents facing this on a daily basis. What to do rather than cry in my breakfast but to do something tangible that gives back to those families with my family. That is why I planned a giving back brunch. Rather than receive something other than joy from giving back I gave of my time with a brunch at the Ronald McDonald Homes at the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. My family agreed to support me in this decision and help me make it possible. Thanks to my sister Taylor for organizing a brunch earlier this year, as it gave me the idea to do this again for my birthday month.

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For the second time in my life I am sitting back wishing there was more I could do to help a friend as she works to fight cancer in her daughter. Yep, this is the second friend in my adult life that I have stood back and tried to do whatever I could to bring smiles to the face of a mother who is fighting a battle I cannot imagine. Little Miss Izzy is squeezing the heck out of her lemons these days as she battles cancer. Her mother Amanda is a great friend of mine and if there is anything she needs while going through this with her daughter you better believe I will be there for her. Yep, even if that means tracking her down and giving her a hug at a Target near her home as she runs an errand on her way back to the hospital from a quick trip to her home.

The first time I helped a friend through her daughter’s cancer diagnosis was years ago. So glad that now Miss Katie is a 17 year old thriving teenager. It has been way too long since I have seen Miss Katie and her mom Christine, but I am so glad to have them in my life. The experience of watching that strong lady get through cancer treatments for her daughter has shaped the woman and mom I am today. I am glad to be teaching my daughter how to give of her time and volunteer for people that need our help.

My family helped me give back, even those that helped me watch Mackenzie. Yep, this volunteering event led to Mackenzie getting the privilege of a sleep over at her Grandma and Grandpa Shannon’s house. I remember as a kid what a thrill it was to spend an overnight or two with my grandparents. I hope someday Mackenzie looks back on the time that Mom and Dad volunteered and she “had to” sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa’s house as a blessing. I know I am so grateful for having learned and done things with my grandparents as a kid. Hopefully someday I will be able to include her in the fun of the volunteer activities I choose… someday soon she will be old enough to do some other good works, in the meantime she got to play as a child should get to do on the regular.

If you want to educate yourself on some of the facts about childhood cancer you can find some facts here at this link.

IMG_20180909_110124_978 (1)

My new Love Your Melon Hat

What can you do to help… so many options – just a few are listed below.

  1. You could buy a hat @ Love Your Melon 50% of the proceeds go to fight childhood cancer.
  2. You could organize your own brunch for the families staying at a Ronald McDonald Home
  3. Donate to an organization the helps kids facing a tough fight – just a few are listed here:
  4. Send a card to a family going through this fight
  5. Buy a Blizzard next time Dairy Queen does Miracle Treat Day
  6. Pray for the families going through this fight

Thanks for reading this blog. You have now educated yourself on something close to my heart.


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