20 years ago we lived across a street from one another

How is it possible that I was just starting out my life on a college campus 20 years ago this month? I am laying on the couch in the basement of one my closest college friend’s home. I have known her 20 years now we met as freshman, on day one of our first year of college. Kelli lived across the “street” from me. She moved into Hawthorn hall about the same time of day as me so we met as we went into our respective rooms across the dorm street as we carried things into our first home away from home. We became fast friends as you tend to do when you live right across a narrow hallway “street” from one another. She and I dressed up as Ladybugs freshman year Halloween with some red t-shirts and black felt dots glued on and pipe cleaner headbands. I became L1 to her L2 due to those first fun memories.

By sophomore year Kelli and I were roommates in Hawthorn hall for the fall semester and adventure pals for spring semester. She and I ventured to Scotland together for a semester abroad in the Dalkeith Palace. We had some really fun times that spring semester with way too many stories to mention in this blog post… But get us started talking about it and the fun we had and we could keep you up hours past your bedtime. I am actually shocked at how late I am awake laying on the couch in her basement… Call it too much caffeine on the drive north problem if you will… I am never awake this late at night… Hopefully that means I will sleep in a little? Yeah right…

Junior year we lived off campus together with a couple other girls. We had a blast that year as we all became legal to drink here in the states at 21. Nothing to say about what may or may not have been consumed in Scotland where it was legal to drink at the age of 20. Talk about a long summer and fall before we were all legal to drink… My birthday is in September and Kelli’s happens in December… Our roommate Brooke that year had an October birthday. February our fourth roommate Heather had her birthday.  Let’s just say that year was a great year as friends, roommates and life cheerleaders for one another as we continued to work on growing up over a beverage or two.

Senior year I moved out of the apartment and back home as I had too much fun and spent a little too much… Kelli got a new roommate when I choose to live at home senior year.  However Thursday night was my night to crash on the couch at the Wildcat Court apartment most weeks so I could be on campus early for a Friday morning class.

Kelli and I have been through many years of friendship and she now holds the record for one of my longest running friendships. I am so glad we have been through the last 20 years together and I cannot wait to see what adventures still wait for us to have together. I am sure there will be more late nights and sleeping in the basement at one another’s houses in the years of friendship to come. Thanks Kelli for being my pal and for letting me crash on your couch again tonight.

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