My real smile is coming back

I would say that 2018 has been a year to find my real smile again. It is hard to hide behind a fake smile and cheerfulness. I am happy to say that I am emerging from a phase of my life where a fake smile and pretend happiness was my constant friend.

Sometimes it takes talking to professionals to get you to realize how far you have fallen down a path you never intended to go down. I recently hired a friend to take some photos and I am so glad that she captured an awesome shot of my girl and I. There is a genuine smile on my face in one photo that I am so glad is back.

I think back to earlier this year, in February I sought help from a couple professional people, they helped me see that I wasn’t where I wanted to be anymore. I am working on getting back there and that smile of mine is coming back naturally and more often. There are still days where I probably fake it until I make it. I am glad that it is less often and that I have found some really great joy again. Often times that joy comes from a small girl that lives in my house. I am glad that she and my hubby are so great at helping me find my smile.

The whole learning how to sleep better is likely the next thing I need to tackle. I am glad that 9 months into a new regime I am finding a happy real smile again. Next up working on solving the insomnia.


One thought on “My real smile is coming back

  1. I am so happy for you WD!! I’m glad you are in a place where that real smile can shine. This picture is so telling. You’re not only smiling with your mouth…buy your eyes once again have that gleeful glimmer telltale of true happiness!!


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