Tis the season to be overwhelmed

Kindness to ourselves sometimes means just say no. I am struggling this week remembering it is okay to say no. This season gets busy with lots of different stuff and things to do, shop for, write the Christmas cards, bake these things, and get this errand run. You get the picture your brain races on all the things that need to be done.

So this morning in the peaceful light of my Christmas tree I am sitting and reading a book. The racing list of overwhelming can wait. Be patient with yourself and don’t do too much. Just stop and do some self care however that looks for you! Stress relief is important so all the little things that have to be finished can wait, take care of yourself during this season of busy. And of course hug the ones you love tightly.

One thought on “Tis the season to be overwhelmed

  1. This is a beautiful season, try to choose activities that make you happy, peaceful and hopeful.
    We were reminded last Sunday at church that nothing needs to happen during this Advent, but waiting for the Lord!


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