Lessons Learned

2018 was another year of many lessons to be learned. I had a former co-worker tell me once that a day you learn something new is a good day. May all of my 2019 days have lessons learned even the hard lessons that exist in life. I chose the word Kindness as my word for 2018 or rather it chose me. I worked on kindness to others as well as kindness to myself. I have so many lessons learned from 2018. One of the biggest ones was how to make myself a priority. I have for years ignored some of what I needed in place of doing for others. Sometimes you have to stop and listen to your body and what it is telling you even if you don’t know how to decipher what it is telling you. Sometimes it takes help from others to set yourself on a path to kindness to yourself. I am grateful for so many that helped me get through 2018. You may not know how you helped but if you are reading this you likely did help me, so thank you!

I am thinking that lessons learned is a good way to go into 2019. That might be a good theme – what did I learn from each day? What lesson am I grateful for each day? Learning should be a constant in life… what can you learn from today? What can you learn tomorrow? I look forward to the lessons learned in the coming year. May you always remember to hug the ones you love and be grateful for them!

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