Self Care in the form of a guilty pleasure

What is your guilty pleasure? Is it listening to an artist other people cannot stand? Is it watching a TV show your spouse cannot stand? Is it taking a bath? Is it shopping? What is your guilty pleasure? Can you afford it? Then do it! Watch whatever you want, listen to the music you want to listen to… Watch that dumb TV show even if you should be sleeping… Spend a little money on yourself as you earned it. Note I didn’t tell you what dumb song I like, or stupid show I watch when I want to not think… Those that know me well know what these shows and songs and shopping habits are that make me smile!

Also if you have a hobby, pursue it and don’t ignore it… What hobby have you not paid attention to in a while? What is holding you back from doing it? Go back to the hobby you have been ignoring so you can find your zen in that activity. If you know some of these facts about me, consider yourself loved and part of my inner circle! Nope I am still not giving away my answers… but I am reminding myself and you to find what makes you happy and do it! Find something that makes you smile and smile while doing that thing… Hug the ones you love, including yourself!

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