Stick to your day job

I am told I am a decent accountant… what would I rather be when I grow up? I think a lot of different things are on that list… if I didn’t have to work for a living to keep the roof over my house what would I do every day? Below are a few thoughts on the day job of my dreams…

Some days I think I would be an author… I like to write and tell stories to people who will listen to me. How do I turn this into a decent living?

Some times I think I would make an excellent forensic accountant – I can build a backwards budget… so moving forward someone knows what bills to pay each month. It is a skill that I have used a few times in life. Do I wish I didn’t know this one, yep. However I can do it and will do it to help you out if you need the help.

Should I go back to school and become a nurse? That one is a hard no – I don’t deal well with blood. I am extremely glad that people wake up and want to be a nurse.

I would consider being a teacher as seriously those people are in it because they have a heart of gold. I like to think I have one of those hearts of gold that can easily be worn on my sleeve. They do not get paid enough to educate our future generations.

I would love to figure out how to include service into my day job… any one know of decent paying day jobs that service to humanity is included in the job title? Oh wait my current job allows for a paid day of volunteering each calendar year. That is a pretty awesome perk of a day job.

Party planner – I know how to throw an awesome themed party… I would love to build this skill up and plan a fabulous party for you. Rainbow theme party coming next month for someone’s next birthday… and wait for the one I am planning this fall… that one is going to be epic as the last time I hosted a party for myself things got crazy!

Photographer – probably not for me as I just take too many pictures. And I already know some amazing ones so I will just stick to my day job and hire these lovely people when the need for professional photos arises.

Maybe I could cook food for people that need it during times of crisis in their lives. Sign me up for this one… I think I need to find this opportunity to cook and give back to people in need.

Pretty much I think if I won the lottery I would be a professional volunteer giving back to the organizations that do good in their communities.  Seriously if you won the lottery and money wasn’t a worry for you what would you do every day? Since I haven’t won the lottery I guess I will stick to my day job. It is always fun to day dream about what I want to be when I grow up. What is on your list of future career choices?

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