Friday before the March snow storm

May the snow stop flying soon and spring actually arrive. I am so ready to play in our newly expanded back yard this year. I am ready for the snow to melt so my family can enjoy the space we got fenced in right before the snow flew in November. I am thinking of running, lounging and reading a book in my backyard. I want to look out my windows and see grass and growing flowers, enjoying spring breezes… It will arrive and hopefully April showers will lead to May flowers… I am just hoping that the April showers we get will be rain showers rather than snow showers… I am ready for the snow to stop and if it isn’t going to stop… maybe I will just get on a plane and go somewhere warm!

Hubby and I have been discussing going somewhere tropical this week. Who is with us in going somewhere warm? Where should we go and do we need to get our passports? What is your favorite family vacation? I think I am going to catch a plane out of here today before another foot of snow arrives tomorrow.

I’ll bet the airport will be busy with people thinking the same thing today… In the meantime while my household is still sleeping I think I will run to the grocery store and beat the crowds there; I don’t know if I can find enough snacks to deal with a foot of snow falling. Any ideas on snacks that will help me cope with this much more snow? Anyone else sick of winter yet this year? I think I must have a strong case of spring fever!

Oh well I guess I will just embrace the snowy conditions… I do live in Minnesota after all and well I am grateful for the time I will get with family! Maybe I will pitch a tent in my living room so I can feel like it is summer. Enjoy the snow anyway you can this weekend! Hug the ones you love and embrace the winter being forced upon us.

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