First Call

Do you have that person in your life that gets your first call or even second or third sometimes? You know that friend or family member you can trust with really important information that won’t laugh at you no matter what you say to them? Who is that person(s), remember to treasure the other relationships in your life! Make time for seeing that person that is on your list as the first person you are calling and or even the 2nd or 3rd opinion you seek those are important peeps too! Make sure they know how much they make you smile on the regular.

It may or may not always be your spouse and that is okay. Sometimes you need one of the people that has known you the longest and keeps putting up with your stuff no matter what you are calling about and cannot really change the relationship they have with you. I am grateful to have a few of these people in my life that will answer no matter what no matter when I need them. I also am grateful for those that reach out and make sure I am okay or can tell that I need that check in from them. There are also those awesome people that surprise you when you need it most… Thanks to those peeps too!

How have you helped a person lately? Have you called or texted that person and said thanks for being the one I go to when I need you. Have you started that person’s day with a positive text message telling them the sun is shining on them today. Make sure you remember to thank those people in your life that help you in the good and bad times whether it is the person you married or the one that sticks with you without that legal piece of paper saying they have to keep you! We are all blessed to have each other so thank a person for being there when you needed them whether they pledged until death do us part, or maybe they put you on this planet in the first place… Any how I hope you have that set of relationships too and that they know you are very grateful for some of the weirdest phone calls…

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