Sisters of my Heart

I had breakfast with a couple of the sisters of my heart yesterday morning. These two girls have been with me more than half my life… They choose me and I choose them on the regular! So grateful for college roomies turned life long friends.

I have many friends and sisters of the heart that have chosen to be a part of my life. I swear sometimes they know me better than I know myself and for that I am grateful!

I just finished watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy that has made me bawl! Yes I am up in the middle of the night again and I choose to watch a TV show that often makes me cry. This time it isn’t tears of sadness as I watch an episode but tears of gladness for the girls in my life that know how to cheer me up and even when I need to be cheered up!

I am so grateful to have so many life long friends that I have found along my journey. Each and every place I have encountered I have found people that get me and understand how to help me be a better version of myself. Thank you to that circle of people in my life that understand me and don’t judge and help me laugh so hard we can cry. Also for those that have been along on my journey and chosen to be there thank you!

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