Black and White areas no grey space on this topic

Did you know I have zero tolerance for liars and cheaters? Did you know that I have no grey space in my brain for these types? This is a black and white topic for me. However as I sit and think about this topic of liars and cheaters I do find I have a fascination with understanding their story. I am an accountant and nope I don’t feel like I fit the mold of that personality. I have felt for a while that I think like an accountant however I don’t feel like I fit the mold of what that personality is really like in generic terms as I do love to interact and hear the stories people have to tell about their lives. It takes all kinds and I understand that liars and cheaters exist to teach us lessons but at the same time it doesn’t mean I have to like them. Someday ask me where my no gray space issues from this topic came from… if you know me well enough you know that this started a long time ago as I cannot deal with lies or liars even if their stories fascinate me!

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