Lessons Learned April 16th 2019

 A year into this job today and it feels like I am off to the high school life I hated. A locker to put my stuff into as we don’t have room at our desks to store our coats. It feels sort of superficial and fake… Faking it until I make it is not my thing. I tried that theory last year on the advice of my therapist I am not good at it.

I believe what I dislike most about this new routine is that I am not in control of my destination… I don’t quite know where I am headed and what to make of that situation. I  do know that I will get there and that I can find a new happy place I belong. One that allows me to give back to the community without question and one that gives me an opportunity to smile at work more often than cringe. I would just like a decent routine and balance that allows me to be able to give back while also getting my job done.

I want to give back and work as well as have time and energy for my family. How do I get there? I want to find my happy self and this current cycle isn’t the way to get there… Figuring that much out is a good start… now work to find the new happy that brings balance back to your life… Lunch with a loved one for sure helped me feel better though and she is a wonderful human! So grateful to have her in my life!

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