Lessons Learned In 2 days of January

So many bullet points from the first rounds of lessons learned while being a commuter to downtown Minneapolis for the first time. I cannot share all of them as I would bore you… but here are a few highlights from my first two days of working on the 24th floor of a round tower in the city I grew up near. On January 21st I started my adventures in being a commuter.

– Say yes to new adventures: Day 1 thoughts

  • Always take an extra look at your feet before leaving the house
  • Remember your morning meds before leaving the house
  • You can still get on a different train on your second attempt once you have run home and changed shoes and taken your meds.
  • Window washer ropes outside your new window space are an angel’s way of saying this is going to be a good move for you
  • Texting and receiving responses can bring a smile to your day no matter what your brain is telling you
  • Look up when in an elevator to ensure you are supposed to get off on that floor
  • Look up when getting on the train so you are sure to be on the correct line as both green and blue come into the station you leave downtown from
  • Most important breathe, you got this and you can take on day 2 tomorrow

– Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful: Day 2 thoughts

  • Starting the day with snuggles from your girl and Tim McGraw’s song “Just to See You Smile” is really good and will make you smile
  • Taking care of your sanity and health is extremely important!
  • Don’t put open snacks into your pocket they are guaranteed to spill into said coat pocket
  • Having a walking pal on your first trip through the skyway system is a good plan and it makes the lunch break go quickly!
  • Walking quickly on your lunch beak can get you some well earned cardio minutes on the clock… Good thing my new walking buddy likes to walk as fast as me
  • On the way home make sure you go to the south bound train stop not the north, where you get off in the morning is not where you go at the end of the day

This isn’t even half the bullet points I took down in the first two days but I figure you get the taste of the first few days with my new commute with the points above… more to come soon!

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