Lessons Learned in early April 2019

It is way past time for a vacation and for the snow to go away!!!!

Lessons learned the first week of April

No it isn’t a sick joke that the window washers are back at it cleaning the windows outside my office by a few ropes.

Nope it is not something to joke about even if you no matter your title at the company. Yep, not funny to say look he is falling especially within hearing distance of someone who lost a loved one that exact way.

Girlfriends are amazing and help me so much on my path to feeling better.

Therapists are helpful in reminding you that you are not weird for being afraid of seeing the window washers outside of your work space on the 24th floor of a high rise. He likened it to PTSD for me and that helped me cope with the reality and anxiety of the window washers being there every month for a week at a time.

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