Lessons Learned in February 2019

More bullet point lessons from earlier this year…

  • Trains don’t move well on the ice covered tracks and lines
  • Wear your boots, the train station is not always clear of ice and it is super slippery
  • The train turning around and heading south towards your car makes the decision to just work from home much easier
  • Chatting among passengers increases dramatically on a train that isn’t going anywhere
  • Good thing the working from home decision was made for me due to the train situation as I missed out on the fire alarms going off and having to walk down 24 flights of stairs in the office
  • Don’t forget your coffee in the car again, but if you do good thing Caribou is there right in the skyway on the way up to your office
  • Day 2 of this week and riding the train is a much better experience and the platform was even salted so it was less slippery
  • The train leaving the last station as you turn is not going to be one you actually catch, just wait a few minutes in your car to stay warmer
  • Reading on the train is quite delightful
  • The skyway with a rounded glass top is beautiful with icicles on it
  • Never move over on the train until you are sure you are not moving on to unrecognizable wet spot
  • Never order Foodsby again as your stomach cannot handle unrecognizable Chinese food
  • Riding the train with a wet ass is uncomfortable
  • Why is my ass wet??? Not sure if I sat in pee or if someone put their wet boots on the seat I chose to sit in on the crowded train home… I would have rather stood than deal with an unexplained wet arse
  • Maybe it is time to investigate my bus options into downtown from the park and ride near my home; is a bus better than an unexplained wet arse? I would like to think so
  • So week 4 of this new location has begun and thus far no wet ass and no ice on the tracks – the week is looking up.
  • Maybe I will get moving early enough to catch the bus someday this week, today was not that day and that is okay too
  • Lunch today – Yippy!!!
  • Playing with pictures is a fun way to pass the time on the train
  • Sometimes the motion sensors don’t work on the skyway doors and you have to push them open
  • You can leave the confines o the building on your lunch thanks Mom and Jim for showing me that and getting me a lunch
  • The day flies by when you are busy sharing knowledge
  • Remember you parked at the Mills Fleet farm lot near us bank stadium level 2
  • Shopping with Julie and Karen is fun

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