Lessons Learned on Days 3 & 4 of Commuting to the big city

Less bullet points taken down in days 3 and 4 but here they are…

  • A ton of people get on and off the light rail with their luggage at the airport, must be a cheap way to travel have some one drop you off at the park and ride and then get off at the airport stop… My home free park and ride drive may have just gotten easier… You want a ride to the airport; great meet me at my house and we ride to the park and ride together.
  • Smaller headphones is much more comfortable than the bulky ones you’ve been wearing the other days
  • The train arrives at 6:06 and 6:16, you will likely never hit the 6:06
  • Looking out the window of the train the whole ride back to your car is delightful when the sun is shining
  • Don’t forget things in the car at night as they are really cold the next morning in January
  • Some days you may even have to run for the 6:16 train as in yep that was me this morning.
  • Some days most likely all days you will catch the 3:49 train home not the 3:39 one better start writing daycare pickup for 45 minutes later
  • People like to play their music out loud in the afternoon, you cannot turn up your ear buds loud enough to tune it out and there is a small child riding in front of you maybe think about shutting off the profanity
  • If you’re leaving your backpack on in your seat maybe don’t sit all the way into your neighbor there isn’t much room in the winter

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