Lessons Learned Week two as a Commuter

  • Having an amazing hubby makes leaving the house on a snowy morning fantastic… Coffee check, half a driveway plowed check, kiss goodbye check! I love him so much!
  • The new boots are awesome… Now for some warmer socks…
  • Coffee helps pass the time delightfully on the train to work
  • Watching someone else play a card game on the train makes me think that could be fun
  • Driving to downtown is less time than the train which works great when you need to go somewhere after work
  • When it is cold out you still need to zip your coat in the parking ramp as it is cold
  • Remember where you parked today… P2 US Bank building
  • Don’t park there again it is extremely expensive
  • When you get to the train station in the morning as the train is pulling up for downtown wait until the next one in your car don’t run
  • Zip your coat up so your backpack straps don’t get caught on it

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