Day #8 of happy flowers and plants

So grateful for this yard of ours that got bigger when we expanded the fence late last year. We are going to have so much fun in the years to come in this backyard; it is one of my happy places. I do believe I will be napping later in my hammock in the yard, likely because I woke up way too early! What yard game is a necessary besides bags? I already have my request in for a set of those from my handy hubby?

We loved playing outside as kids and I cannot wait to share that with my girl! Mowing got completed last night so we could get the triple slip and slide out and rolling today! Plus she has a temporary sandbox since we removed some patio stones last week! I cannot wait to see what progress comes this weekend in the backyard project of 2019.

Plant Moving Day! Going to get some plants moved from their current locations!

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