She’s growing up… and I’m not ready for her to go to school yet…

She graduated from her Pre-K program last week. She has been in this “school/daycare” place for the last few years since we transitioned to a local to us school and it has been great for her. She has learned so much and will continue to learn a ton more this summer! I am not ready to look into her going to school… and figure out other care for her before and after school. Yep, it doesn’t matter if I am ready or not… she will be in kindergarten this fall. My budget will likely be happy that she isn’t in her Pre-K program but I am sure there will be new fun expenses once we get to school age stuff this fall.

She has made great friends and thankfully this fall when kindergarten starts she will have a couple friends from her current program heading to the same school as her so she will see a few familiar faces in the classrooms at her elementary school. I am excited to see her adventures in the local school district start but does she really have to go to school already? Where did the time go? It is hard to believe five years ago I was running around like a fool – volunteering in my spare time and working a new full time job and being a new mother… seems like yesterday. Only it wasn’t and she is growing up whether I like it or not…

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