Ruby Red Pearl

It has been a year since I first started writing this blog post… no time like the present to get it finished and posted…

Well red is definitely not blue… Mackenzie will tell you though that blue and red mixed together make purple. Yes lately she has been having fun with mixing paint colors to make new colors. Also for a few months now she and I had been discussing getting a new car for Mom. Mackenzie’s request of a new car for Mom was that it needed to be blue. Chris and I have been talking about the new vehicle for our family for over a year now as we both had cars that predate our relationship. Father’s day weekend of 2018 was a bit unexpected, as we ended up dealing with really warm weather and a kiddo under the weather, early into the day on Saturday Mackenzie woke me up and she had a high fever. I gave her meds to help fight the fever and she fell back to sleep but required me to “sleep” with her… that meant no more sleep for Momma. She woke up a number of hours later and was even warmer than she was in the middle of the night, more meds and the decision that a trip to urgent care was necessary. Yep, typical high fever ear infection going on with our kiddo… bummer! That meant any plans for fun on father’s day weekend go out the window. Our kiddo’s ear infections mean that we stay close to home and watch movies and get medicine into her on a schedule to keep the fever lower until the stuff from the doctor kicks in.

I looked at Chris at lunchtime on Saturday and asked if he was okay with me getting a tune up on our CR-V since we would be taking it with on our family vacation the following week. He was all for it and when they had an opening that afternoon I decided to take off during naptime. He and I had talked about going car shopping if we could find someone to stay with Mackenzie however when she is sick she just needs one of us with her and putting up with her under the weather status. While Chris and I talked at lunchtime he told me to use the time while I waited to get in a test drive or two on a few cars we had been talking about. No problem except that I wanted to try a couple different brands. Queue my phone call to Grandma Anne (my lovely stepmom) to see if she wanted to go test driving a few cars with me. Sure enough since my Dad was up north running at Grandma’s marathon she was free and excited to help me. She left her place and drove to join me at the dealership I was getting the tune up for the CR-V.

I had a bit of time to look around and “test” the comfort of a couple of the vehicles on the showroom floor. Not a single salesperson approached me except the one that kicked me off the giant TV options screen as he had a buying customer that needed to look at some features. So as soon as Anne arrived I had her take me to a different place, the experience there was the exact opposite. Once we arrived at the next dealership we had not made it 20 feet from parking her car and we were approached by an awesome saleslady who asked how she could help us and what we were looking for today. I told her I wanted to test drive a RAV4 as my husband and I had been discussing purchasing a new car in the near future. I was on the showroom floor telling her that my daughter wanted me to bring home a blue one. She didn’t have blue to test drive but the few other features I mentioned… Heated seats and a sunroof she did have a model like that we could test drive. I would guess within 20 minutes she had me behind the wheel of a RAV4 and out to do my first test drive of the day. Anne popped into the backseat to check out the space back there and ensure her granddaughter would have plenty of space if I choose that vehicle. While out on the road I asked a few questions of the saleslady Alyza. She mentioned that the version we were in had a lower towing capacity then the Adventure model. I was enjoying the ride and the information she was sharing with me. When we got back to the showroom she got some information together and let me know that the blue I wanted was not currently at the dealership but they could work to get one there as early as Monday if I wanted to go for it. I left knowing I really enjoyed that ride and the sales experience.

Anne and I decided to head toward another dealership and get one more test drive in before heading back to where my CR-V was getting worked on. The sales experience at this next dealership left me wishing I was still checking out the RAV4 options… while waiting for the next test drive with the salesrep at Ford a blue RAV4 drove right in front of us while we were waiting for a blue Ford to test drive. The Ford car that arrived for me to test drive was not blue it was white and Grandma Anne’s opinion of the backseat was that it wasn’t big enough. So it was a quick no for that vehicle and sales experience.

Back to where the CR-V was now finished and the need to check out one more test drive before I headed for home. I got into an HR-V with Anne riding next to me as the salesrep that helped me this time was the one that had originally kicked me off the computer options toy in the showroom. He actually let us drive the car without him in it and told us to check it out and let him know what we thought when we got back to the dealership. Anne didn’t like the feel of the front passenger seat and I was still wishing I was driving a RAV4 so I think my decision was made a blue RAV4 would be the new vehicle for me if Chris was okay with that when we discussed it when I got home.

Chris and I had been texting about the experiences and so he knew what I had driven when I got home with the tuned up CR-V. We talked a bit about it and he looked at me and said just go do it. Go back and get the Adventure RAV4 as it has the ability to tow more than the model I drove. So with that in mind I drove his vehicle back to the dealership I had such a good sales experience at earlier that afternoon. His car would be the one we were trading in since he was going to take over driving the CR-V. I needed to find out how much the trade in value was on it and see if there was an option to get the blue RAV4 soon.

When I got back to the sales floor Alyza was busy with another customer so I sat and waited to talk to her again or her boss about the trade in value. He was also out as it was a busy Saturday at Walser Toyota in Bloomington so I sat waiting and wandered a little to check out the showroom RAV4 models. Then another salesrep approached me and I mentioned I was waiting to talk about my trade in for a Blue Adventure RAV4. He told me that color wasn’t an option with the Adventure model. Oh bummer well there was a red one on the floor that had all the options, a sunroof and heated seats that also were a part of what I wanted in my next ride. I sent a picture text home to Chris and Mackenzie. Chris’ response was that it was pretty sharp, Mackenzie’s response to the picture was “cooool!” I guess blue wasn’t necessary so I went for it once the trade in value was discussed. I signed some paperwork and would be back on Monday after work to pick it up.

Back at home and another sleepless night for Mackenzie and I. As we started father’s day at 3 am we had the most entertaining conversation. I told her that Mommy was getting a new car on Monday. She told me she was really sad because it wasn’t going to be blue. She then proceeded to tell me when she was going to paint it blue for when she drives it. I told her that she had every right to paint it blue when she is driving it. Yep, that is hard to believe it will be only 11 more years and she will be old enough to drive… And heck I will help her paint it blue if that makes it a better car for her to drive herself to her first job… My first car was red, so I guess I am back to where it all began for me with driving a red vehicle.

Yep, I now have a Ruby Flare Red Pearl RAV4 and more than a year into driving it I am so glad I went for the Ruby Red Pearl. Mackenzie still thinks it needs to be blue when she is old enough to drive it. So glad she is healthier and not having entertaining 1 am conversations with me anymore. Also very glad that I am driving a beautiful car that I picked out with a little additional input from the awesome Grandma Anne and of course Chris’ opinions while he was also tackling being Daddy-O extraordinaire to our girl. The heated seats and steering wheel are definitely came in handy this winter while I was still commuting long distances.