A new decade begins

I couldn’t have asked for a better beginning to this new decade. I got snuggles from my girl first thing on the day I turned a new decade older. The text messages, emails and Facebook messages came in all day long. I had the privilege of having lunch with my kindergartner at her new school. She makes an adorable lunch date if I do say so myself.

Dinner was an incredible salad with even better company. All that were able to be there allowed me to eat with them and then trek to one of my favorite volunteer events. We packed food at Feed My Starving Children and had the ability to affect lives of starving kids in Haiti. The food we packed last night was being sent to Haiti and they shared stories of kids that have been changed due to the food they receive.

I also completed my #100happydays for the second time. I have decided upon the next adventure I am embarking on… more to come on that as my new decade begins.

Thank you for helping me to bring in the start of my new decade. I am looking forward to the fun that will come with 40. I am sure that there is fabulous fun to come at forty.

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