A good day to rest

The rain on the windows has me wanting to rest… I may lay down for a nap on this beautifully gloomy day.

In the meantime before I fall asleep for a couple hours I am going to capture some of my thoughts on this whole stay home order from the MN governor.

I am grateful he issued the stay home order. It is a good reason for this accountant to stay home and rest. Rest her weary head and heart while protecting the front line folks making essential work continue to happen.

I had a past CFO tell me there is no crying in accounting as he handed out a baseball to all of us on the team. He was borrowing a line and tweaking it from the movie “A League of Their Own” with Tom Hanks where he tells his team of women baseball players that there is no crying in baseball. I often like to remind folks that while my job is good for me and I am good at it. The job isn’t all I am about.

I find that I am more heart than I likely should be on a regular basis. I give a lot of myself on the regular more so than sometimes I should give.

I am more helper than someone that knows how to stand back and let someone else do for me.

I like to be a doer – it is one of my traits and passions that makes me who I am.

Today I am grateful for this passion that is inside me. I am also glad though for the rain and the ability to stop and step back from helping and take a moment to soak in the rain from the inside of a dry warm home. I am grateful for the moment of pause that has been set for me today.

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