New Routines

FOUND THIS UNPUBLISHED BLOG FROM 2014 that seemed like a good one to get out of the draft status this morning as I get the blog updated…

Daycare for Mackenzie and me going back to work have necessitated new routines. We are more than three weeks into the “routine” and no two days really have been the same.

Identifying the time needed and how to pack for our time we spend away from one another seems to be a new time consuming deal… Does Mackenzie’s diaper bag need anything, make ssure her bottles are packed for the day. Is Dad’s lunch made and how about Mom’s too. Oh yeah and make sure the gear for pumping is all packed as it is a bummer when you miss a part of that stuff… It is certainly easiest if most of that is dealt with the night before.

I am happy to report I did survive the first day back to work and yes of course I cried all the way to work. It was a good thing Chris and I tagged teamed that first drop off as I may have spent the whole day at daycare with Mackenzie so I didn’t have to leave her. Chris looked at me and told me that it was time to go before I wouldn’t be able to leave and he was right to get me out of there before I completely fell apart. Mackenzie is in wonderful hands at her home daycare, she makes the 7th kiddo there. And she made fast friends with the only other girl there an 8 month old. Cannot wait for the fun that is sure to come for her with that relationship! When I was a wee one; I was lucky to grow up alongside my daycare lady kiddos and I am excited for Mackenzie to experience that same type of family daycare home.

The second full week of back to work and daycare was certainly harder than the first week. I think it was the reality of me getting less time with my adorable girl finally sinking in. In talking with a fellow new mom that I spoke to about this feeling she reminded me that it now becomes about quality time together not necessarily the quantity of time like we had during leave with our babies. I definitely have been very much a mom who needs to snuggle with her baby at night when the work day is done. Good thing I have a fabulous baby carrier so I can get some things done around the house.

The routine of back to work has been good for me although very hard to adjust to the lack of sleep as naps are no longer in my daily routine. I still feel like the norm of working and taking care of a baby hasn’t fully worked out all the kinks.  It’s still a work in progress for how all the things that need to be done will get done each week. Chris is taking Mackenzie each morning and I am slated for the afternoon pickup. Somehow we will get through each week together as a family and enjoy the weekends that much more!

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