100 Happy Days of Flowers and Plants

My girl also loves to smell the flowers with me…

Over the years I have enjoyed planting flowers as well as viewing them. Some of my favorite vacation memories are wandering about and exploring the new flora around me in a new setting. I think I want to revisit my 100 happy days from 2015 in a new way. 100 days of pictures with pretty flowers or people I love among the flowers… I think this would make a really fun bunch of flashbacks for me to look at in the coming years. I can bet I likely have almost 100 pictures from last weekend alone in the San Diego Botanical garden. Love me some time among the flowers on vacation with the ones I love to hug! I am pretty sure some of my favorite Scotland semester abroad pictures are from exploring around me looking for pretty flowers in another country.

Wish me luck in sticking to a picture a day of pretty flowers for 100 days. If you get sick of looking at them… shut me out of your timelines on social media as this is what I am going to do to help make my world more beautiful in the coming years as I look back on the pictures that make me smile from my years of taking pictures of flowers and cool trees!

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