Family Tree Visuals via my orchard view

I don’t think I could even draw out the family tree that I feel I am a part of in life. The talk about identifying with one side of your family or the other I literally would have to have 5 sides to my tree… Maybe I need to just go with the fact that I need to have a whole orchard of trees that describe my family. I was trying to think about how I could explain easily the dynamics of who I am based on whose I am…

The leader of the Brady Bunch six kids in one version of my orchard.

The oldest of two sisters in another tree.

The oldest of three girls on another side of my tree…

Oldest Granddaughter to a 99 year old grandpa when looking at another tree.

In trying to explain how many Grandparents I still have living I still have to use one whole hand due to the different trees in my orchard. I think technically I would have to say that of the 12 grandparents I was blessed with due to marriages and more family and extra parents. I believe there are still 5 that are alive.

Two of whom age in their nineties… today one awesome Grandpa hit 99. When I called him to wish him a happy birthday he told me to call him back in a year and wish him a happy 100th. I told him I very much look forward to that call. I am bless beyond measure in the orchard of life that has granted me with extra parents and grandparents.

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